Master (Official Video) by 17 CVNDLES

Watch the Master (Official Video) by 17 CVNDLES on BTRU Entertainment17 CVNDLES decided to come out of the woodwork with an epic new visual for their single titled "Master". This conceptual musical nuance is the epitome of Chaos. The video begins in a very eerie and almost sinister tone, displaying a chorus of women singing a devil's pact in harmony. As the video progresses the vibe switches as more spontaneous images are displayed on the screen and a dope 808 Trap/Dub-step style beat transitions in. All in all, this video definitely showcases the type of obscure and abstract thinking that goes into the creative process for 17 CVNDLES, and leaves the fans anticipating what is next to come from the creative entity. For more 17 CVNDLES, follow them on YouTube.

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