What A Time To Be Alive In Kentucky

After signing a joint collaborative initiative with eager rising superstars from the state of Kentucky, BTRU Entertainment in co-operation with Juss Russ Radio presents the crew's first "free mixtape," titled 'What A Time To Be Alive In Kentucky.' With all the hype surrounding the state and the now infamous words from Drake (recording artist) "I rock Kentucky blue on these h#es," in the song Scholarships from his and Future's mixtape titled 'What A Time To Be Alive.' Partly inspired by Drake and his approval of Kentucky music with the co-sign for Bryson Tiller of Louisville, KY it has been the perfect time to be alive in Kentucky.

Explore the latest in hip hop and r&b from the heart of crooner city also known as Louisville, Kentucky. Each artists presents two of their most recent singles which you can download on the artists' website. What A Time To Be Alive In Kentucky shares stories from BRXTN, King Miz, Dwayne LeviChase Heinze, Frost Vegas and J KELLZ. After sharing the project the crew has received great feedback from both listeners within and outside the state of KY. Each artist on the roster has a desire to create an easy listening experience and dedicates their music to their fans and listeners. 2016 promises to be a defining chapter in these young artists careers, but a bright one indeed.