ROMAN LANE FILMS: The Man Behind The Camera

Roman Lane Visuals

There has been a growing buzz around an energetic and passionate soul who goes by the name of Roman Lane. Roman Lane is an American photographer/filmmaker born in Huntsville, Alabama, raised in Louisville, Kentucky and is the owner of Roman Lane Films. Roman Lane specializes in capturing high quality music video, commercial video and assists in numerous fashion projects as well as live sets. He has helped a growing number of emerging musicians, entertainers and creative brands construct a vision that aligns with his commitment to quality and capturing the beauty of every real moment he spends with his clients. Apart from his growing catalog of photo albums online, music videos he has directed and his latest work, what do we know about Roman Lane? We sat down with the director/filmmaker and were able to get an exclusive look at the man behind the camera.


Q. What Came First For You? Photography or Film-making

The first thing that came about for me was definitely photography. Photography was like a much needed foundation for me that made me comfortable. However, my passion for helping direct my clients assisted in my developments in film-making.

Q. What Is It Like On A Film Set?

A film set – is much more involved, grippers – people who build sets, gaffers – lighting the sets, assistant directors, camera op and for what I do; I do all of that myself. I have to wear many, many hats. However this has allowed me to develop even faster and is more advantageous & comfortable for my clients.

Q. You Won Videographer Of The Year In Kentucky. Tell Us About That!

Yes, each year Kentucky hosts an awards ceremony that highlights entertainers voted for by the people of the state. I was voted videographer of the year and for me, it was completely unexpected and very surprising. I am very proud of that.

Q. Tell Us About Your Commercial Portfolio & Music Videos

Anything that involves people and businesses. Examples: someone selling a product or a business selling commercial items falls in to the category of my commercial portfolio. I haven't been building it long and have been blessed to work with several entertainers and musicians I am proud to say I have worked with. You can check out my commercial portfolio here.

Q. Tell Us About Your Wedding Portfolio. Are Weddings Harder?

I enjoy it with the right client. I don’t do it often because I must have the right client. My first job when it comes to weddings is to help my clients see whats realistic compared to my pricing. It is tough work and I don't take it lightly. It's someones special day and those memories last forever. It must be the right relationship between videographer and client. You can view my wedding portfolio over here actually.

Q. What Kind Of Stuff Will People Find On Your Blog?

I'm pretty faithful when it comes to my blog and actually have some exciting things on the way so stay tuned but generally I try to pass along words of wisdom and knowledge for people daily. Whether it be philosophical or a quote I used my blog to inspire. Most of the stuff initially has helped inspire me so I just kind of pass the blessing along. I would like to add some "How-To" stuff for aspiring photographers and film-makers. I guess it depends on how many people would be interested. You can contact me on my website or using the form below. Thanks for your feedback! You can view my blog over here.

Q. If You Could Spend Your Time Doing One Thing. What Would It Be?

Music videos are definitely my favorite thing to work on. I get to work with many different clients of different backgrounds and the diversity is amazing. I've been blessed to be able to go on different trips around the United States and soon the world. Most of all though, I really enjoy serving all my clients in any way that helps them achieve their goals and get closer to their dreams. I can say I have been able to do that more by directing music videos & short films.

Q. Which Photographers Influenced You & Your Career Path?

I'm glad you asked that! I'd like to give a big shout out to Antonio Pantoja because he has been my personal best friend and mentor. He has shown me how to be better at filming and the importance of positive energy. I’ve experienced a lot in my short time of film-making and then when I'm around him he reminds me of humility and to always enjoy what I'm doing. 

Q. Tell Us About Your Latest Work

I recently worked on a music video and promo visual for a talented soul from Santa Ana, California known as Chase Heinze. I'm really excited about this project and again feel blessed to do what I do and meet such positive people who also are on a mission like myself. I also enjoy the fact that my quality of work has made it past my hometown and across the United States.

Q. How Can People Contact You About Your Work?

I can be reached the quickest through my official website here. You can always connect with me on Twitter, Instagram and Vimeo as well.
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