Nick Shaquan: A Music Star In The Making


Nicholas Shaquan Tompkins is originally from Columbia, SC. At the age of 23, born September 2 1995, he is the youngest of 5 boys, coming from a single parent home. Nick started singing in church at the age of 10 and started recording professionally at just 21. His influences range from numerous genres and artists with his biggest being Chris Brown, Marvin Sapp & Michael Jackson. In his 3rd year of college, he was blessed with a son & decided it was time to drop everything & pursue his dreams of singing. In 2018 he began performing seriously as his first and middle name ‘Nick Shaquan’, after spending previous years polishing his craft. Based in Charleston, South Carolina, he is hoping to use his voice and life experiences to break into the mainstream music industry. For those of you who aren’t familiar, Nick Shaquan is one of our latest Roster additions and we are excited to welcome him to the team. He made his debut with our team during the release of his single “Priceless” (feat. Shaun Millian) which continues to surpass milestones and is well liked by R&B music fans everywhere. By no means is Nick Shaquan new to making music, but after making the decision to re-identify himself musically — Nick Tunes became now known as Nick Shaquan. He validated his efforts to re-brand himself with the release of a 5 track project called “Sincerely Nobody”, where every song is worth throwing on repeat according to listeners. The album was preceded by a few years of building an avid fan base as Nick Tunes, where many of his listeners may have very well been itching with excitement when he released his first single as ‘Nick Shaquan’ back in June called “Priceless”on SoundCloud. He kept the momentum going by dropping ‘Sincerely Nobody’ shortly after. Nick has the talent and the potential to really surpass many milestones when it comes to the industry. We got to sit down with Nick Shaquan for an interview; here’s what he had to say.

Nick Shaquan (Interview) - Transcript

Rep - Thank you for taking the time to sit with us and answer some fan related questions."

Nick Shaquan - No problem, thank you guys for having me.

Rep - Okay lets get right in to it.

Do you remember your first time in the studio? Tell us about that experience.

”My first time in the studio I was around 16 or 17 years old. It’s been so long that I almost forgot about my first experience. I do remember being in High School. So I had actually wrote a song for my new project “Sincerely Nobody” called ‘High School’, which is kind of like a salute back to that day in time that started it all in a sense.”

Your first single 'Priceless' was a great introduction to your sound. What can new listeners expect to learn about you from “Sincerely Nobody”.

”They can expect to hear and learn the good, the bad and the ugly. They will learn about me more as an artist and hopefully after someone takes the few seconds it takes to ‘press play’ they will feel as though they have found a hidden gem. I always enjoyed finding great music from artists I haven’t heard of yet. So I’m hoping there’s some more people out there like me who can appreciate the underground artist.

Tell us about the producers you worked with on this project. Why them?

”I‘ve worked closely with DBLCRWN and ATIYAH who are both based in South Carolina. I consider them my go-to producers and their talent is unreal. They just keep getting better. I can’t wait to see what our continued relationship has in store for them as well.”

Your based in Charleston, South Carolina - what has the city you live in done for you and other aspiring artists?

”Well, Charleston is really like home for me when it comes to how the spark of me doing music began and progressed. I mean meeting my first producer was here and even my first show was here. The city has allowed me to grow alongside a talented scene. So I can honestly say the city has been productive. I do want to do more in this city and I want to shed light on more artists, producers and entertainers around my neck of the woods. I think if we came together for a big project of some sort we could really create an engine behind the local scene and get the local scene taken even more seriously.”

Do you have any fears about the music industry?

”I actually do have a few fears about the music industry.” “Every time you turn around you hear someone speaking on jealousy and back-stabbing. I think how people start acting around you such as family, friends and women (in my case) really makes me a little nervous. It makes me think that I may never have a genuine moment with someone again.

Describe today's R&B music scene if you can in just a single word.

”Overzealous.” Basically meaning too modern, I feel like R&B was done right back when it was Boys II Men, Mario and even as recent as Ne-Yo. I’m not sure what changed or what happened. I’m not sure if someone behind the scenes just wants to keep pushing the envelope as far as ‘sexuality’ goes or what but I do know that the genre is getting to the point where everything is predictable and less the point of what R&B was meant to be about — which to me is (taking your time). Breaking down a moment in vivid detail.

Describe your perfect listener with just a single word. What are they like?

”Understanding. My perfect listener would be someone who is understanding because my music speaks on a lot of my flaws and not everybody might accept that. Some people may hear what I’ve done and what I’ve been through and not want to be associated. My perfect listener would understand that we all have been through things we may want to forget, but it’s part of the process. It’s part of the growth.”

Are you Single?

“Let’s just say… at the moment I’m seeing somebody”.

Personally, what’s your favorite song from your EP “Sincerely Nobody” and Why?

“Wow, you guys really put me on the spot with this question.” “F*ck…” “Hold on”… okay, my favorite song would probably be “Whilin” because I think from a thinking and creativity perspective it was the song I felt the most free on. Just vibing with the producer who really made me feel comfortable to explore different avenues with my sound. I can’t even lie, back in the day you would catch me singing a whole lot of ballad type records. So for me “Whilin” was unexpected but I knew I had it in me, I was just pleased that I was able to get it out. And, for it to be a part of this album specifically… is really special to me.

In Conclusion - what can fans expect from Nick Shaquan for the remainder of 2019 in to 2020?

”They can expect that I will be consistently dropping music. I’m not going to be a here today and gone tomorrow type of artist. I really want to make sure I’m thinking methodically. My goals are big and I have the confidence to believe that I can achieve them. I feel as though everything is aligning and my purpose will be fulfilled. I think during this journey I wont’ be the only one going through a process of evolution. I want that for my listeners and speak on it in my music. Let’s grow together.”

Nick Shaquan (Interview) - Transcript

Rep - That concludes all of our fan questions Nick, thanks for staying past your designated time with us - we wish you the best of luck. Keep up the great work!

Nick Shaquan - No worries and again thanks for having me.