JGE RETRO: A Music Star in the Making

JGE Retro is a buzzing music group on the rise in St. Louis, Missouri. This is a photo of two recording artist who make up the group. From left to right: Shad and Lil' Shawn.

Shad and Lil’ Shawn; who are more known by their moniker JGE Retro are a buzzing music group based in Saint Louis, Missouri. Already taking the ‘Gateway City’ by storm - JGE Retro originally garnered attention after playing a role on the popular Hip Hop T.V. series known as ‘Nellyville’. Lil Shawn and Shad who are in fact cousins (happen to be the nephews of rap artist Nelly) which helped trigger their fascination with the music business at an early age. For those of you who aren't familiar with JGE Retro the name is derived from "Jackie Gabrielle Entertainment" which serves as the record label to which the artists are signed to. The duo gets the Retro part of their name from their common love of retro shoes and clothing. With their eye's wide open and the mission clear 'JGE Retro' has already begun the process of taking over Missouri and has since set their sights on the rest of the world. We got to sit down with 'JGE Retro' for an interview. Here's what they had to say:

JGE RETRO (Interview) - Transcript

Rep - "Thank you for taking the time to sit with us and answer some fan related questions Lil Shawn and Shad of 'JGE Retro'."

JGE Retro - "No problem thank you for having us."

Rep - "Okay lets get right in to it."

Do you remember your first time in the studio? Tell us about it.

(Lil Shawn) - My first time in the studio I was 11. I was with my people Drama Dino and my cousin Bud. I remember it being a school night and begging my momma to let me go just so I ain’t have to go to sleep.. I remember Drama wrote my lyrics so I had a hard time remembering my verse but I had to get it together since we were paying for studio time. The song turned out dope well at least to us it was lol.

(Shad) - My first time in a studio was in the closet, I was ecstatic but I was nervous too because it was my first-time recording.


Your single 'Monopoly$' was a great introduction to your sound for us. What's next for the song? Will there be an official music video.

(Lil Shawn) - Hell yea we shooting a video I can’t wait either. I think the visual will help us and the song get to the next level. Just got to keep it Retro.

(Shad) - Of course, there will be a video for Monopoly$, a visual for a song always gives it more life versus just audio alone. A music video could also make the song more successful.

Tell us about the producers you worked with on this project. Why them?

(Lil Shawn) - Starstrukk is the producers we worked with (Rick & Fox). We had been working with them for a couple of years now so we felt it was only right to let them have a shot at our single and plus their from St. Louis. Their easy to work with and they know the sound and feeling we like. I love their dedication and drive so why not become successful together. Fox is a woman by the way lol.

(Shad) - We chose them because their super dope, their cool producers and they understood how to execute the song in order to get the sound we were going after.


You spend quite a bit of time in Saint Louis, Missouri - what has Missouri done for you and other aspiring artists?

(Lil Shawn) - St. Louis radio helped the city alot by letting aspiring artists get a segment on the radio every Sunday to showcase their music. If it’s hot and a lot of listeners start requesting the song to be played they will play it for the next several Sundays. The urban radio stations also put together school tours and let the hottest artists come perform and get exposure throughout the city. So St. Louis does a lot for the hometown!

(Shad) - The culture itself is very unique, for St. Louis to be a small city and not as mainstream as some other places, the majority of the artists here have their own sound and I like that about us. It inspires me!


Do you have any fears about this music industry? How would you take someone pushing your music in a different direction?

(Lil Shawn) - Growing up around the music industry I learned to have no fear. Business is business - nothing personal. Nowadays it’s hard to push anything in the direction you don’t want it to go yourself because of social media so if it’s going in a different direction you can personally reach out to the people yourself. But our music will speak for itself and have an impact on the people it needs to impact.

(Shad) - I grew up in the music industry so I don’t really have any fears about it. If anything, my only fear would be not accomplishing what I have planned and set out to do. Failure is not an option for me. I’m open to different sounds but right now I like the direction were going in and I’m pretty confident in the decisions we’re making.

Describe today's Hip Hop music scene if you can in just a single word.

(Lil Shawn) - POP.

(Shad) - TRENDY.

Describe your perfect listener with just a single word. What are they like?

(Lil Shawn) - Honest. Someone that will listen with an open ear and give honest feedback. 

(Shad) - Open-minded. I think the perfect listener is someone who is entertained by multiple genres and is willing to experience new things, especially music.

Give us a random fact about JGE Retro - that people don't already know.

(Lil Shawn) - We use to call ourselves TFB “Tha Flyy Boyyz” lol.

(Shad) - We are gamers, sport fanatics, and big music fans; we listen to a lot of music people probably wouldn’t expect us to.

In Conclusion - what can current and new music fans expect from JGE Retro for the remainder of 2018?

(Lil Shawn) - They can expect a music video to Monopoly$. Hopefully a visual interview. And some good vlogs behind the music just to get to know us better. It’s more of us not just LIL SHAWN and SHAD. We got a whole Clan. Y’all gone learn though.

(Shad) - Right now, we’re focused on pushing Monopoly$, and of course the EP is coming soon.

JGE RETRO (Interview) - Transcript

Rep - "That concludes all of our fan questions JGE Retro, thank you for staying past your designated time with us and we wish you the best of luck. Keep up the great work!"

JGE Retro - "No worries and again thank you for having us."

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