itsRBmusic: A Rising Music Star in the Making


Earl Waller; who is more known by his moniker itsRBmusic has been sparking a new wave with his abilities as a songwriter and lyricist all while etching his name in the world of music as a star in the making. Based in Killeen, Texas, itsRBmusic originally garnered attention after releasing his debut mixtape 'Addicted to Music'. itsRBmusic was first exposed to music when he was just a child and was forced to grow up in not the best of conditions. His mother often did drugs and her drug use affected their relationship and ultimately led itsRBmusic to poetry. His father who ultimately wanted to be in his life but couldn't would often encourage him during times they spent together to focus more on telling stories and his poetry. It was these moments that inspired the young Earl Waller who would ultimately become who he is today "itsRBmusic". For those of you who aren't yet familiar with itsRBmusic the name RB is derived from "Real Bass" which serves as an idea of a new form of music that only itsRBmusic can make. With his eye's wide open and the mission clear 'itsRBmusic' has already begun the process of taking over Texas and has since laid his sights on building his fan base across the United States. We got to sit down with 'itsRBmusic' for an interview. Here's what he had to say:

itsRBmusic (Interview) - Transcript

Rep - Thank you for taking the time to sit with us and answer some fan related questions itsRBmusic."

itsRBmusic - No problem thank you for having me

Rep - Okay lets get right in to it

Do you remember your first time in the studio? Tell us about it.

The first time I was ever in the studio I was in the 11th grade and I actually wrote a song called "My Letterman". I actually had my nine year old sister in the song and it was tailored to the theme of a possible "school anthem". I wanted to expose myself to my peers initially and I felt like that was the best way to do it. I remember having my sister in the hook and it was funny because my artist name was "Church Boy". You can hear me reppin' my brand and my school in my first ever recording. It was a great experience for me and really affected how passionate I am today about making music.

Your first single 'Hit The Lotto' was a great introduction to your sound. What can new listeners expect to learn about you from your upcoming project "Addicted to Music" the mixtape.

They can expect to hear me speaking about facts and my truths. I really wanted to tell my story by combining two elements "the ability to dance and jam to the music", as well as "hear my truths and my own story". So, since I started music at a young age and always tried to put myself in the listeners shoes - I knew that I could easily tell my story if I can present it in an entertaining way. I want new listeners to expect to hear honest music from a guy that they may not know much about now but you will know everything after listening to this project. I really wanted to also marry the East Coast lyrical style of rap with the down south up-tempo sound of music.

Tell us about the producers you worked with on this project. Why them?

Outside of the few tracks that I used industry beats for I used quite a few tracks provided by Platinum Seller Beats. I really like how his sound really helped me portray my story. He has actually been my go to producer when it comes to the beats side of things. I've worked with a musically inclined professional by the name of RAM who has engineered not only this project but a few of my previous projects as well. I really want to give a big shout out to those two individuals. Thank you for your vision and artistic capacity to take on mines.

You spend quite a bit of time in Texas - what has Texas done for you and other aspiring artists?

To be honest being in a military family I moved around a lot but spending a lot of time in Texas made an impression on me when it comes to the party style and scene of music. Texas is really known for presenting a party life and you hear it in the music they make here. So once I moved here that is what made me really want to attempt to combine my lyrical side with a dance/club vibe.

Do you have any fears about this music industry? How would you take someone pushing your music in a different direction?

To be honest I don't really have any fears about the music industry. I will give it my all and be satisfied with the fact that I know who I am and I stayed true to that. I enjoy doing this and I feel like I will always enjoy it. I guess if I did have any fear it would just be being at the point where your not necessarily monetarily rich but "famous" and people who think you're rich attempting to rob you or catch you off guard. A lot of people try to get a big social media following and will abuse celebrities just to get a little bit of clout. And I'm not necessarily saying abuse from a physical stand point but taking our emotions and feelings and relationships and using them against us. Whether it be in the media or in the streets. I feel like people need to be aware of the fact that even celebs can go through depression. As far as someone pushing my music in a different direction - I'm pretty open-minded. I'm open to listening to other professionals but I still want to stay true to my art and what got me their attention in the first place.

Describe today's Hip Hop music scene if you can in just a single word.

I'd say Different. In today's market it's like whoever the talent is no matter how they were discovered (which today many people are getting discovered in many ways) it's bringing a different sound and artistic perspective in general. Another reason I say "Different" is because the music today infuses so many different genres and sounds as well as perspectives that you feel as though you can literally find a song for any mood that you may find yourself in. For example I've heard artists in the city where I currently live "Killeen, Texas" doing a phenomenal job of incorporating EDM and electronic themed styles in their R&B records making a really futuristic sound. Everything in music today is just stretching boundaries further making it so different from the industry 10 or 20 years ago even.

Describe your perfect listener with just a single word. What are they like?

They would be "open-minded". Another word I may use that described my perfect listener would be attentive. I write my music from a lyrical stand point and you really need to be an attentive listener to digest what I put in front of you. You would literally be missing the point if you find yourself drifting off and just bopping to the beat. I want you to actually feel my music and take it with you in your head when you go to sit down and wonder "wow, I wonder what itsRBmusic meant by that one line". I want listeners like that!

Give us a random fact about itsRBmusic - that people don't already know.

Lol, this is probably the hardest question for me guys. Hmmmm, well I guess a random fact that no one would know unless I told them right here in this interview would be... "Oh, I pierced my own ears". Lol, might not be the random fact you were looking for but trust me that is not an easy thing to do. Shout out to everybody who pierced their own ears and didn't end up with an infection - we the real MVP's.

In Conclusion - what can current and new music fans expect from itsRBmusic for the remainder of 2018?

They can expect a lot of hard work! Not only will I be releasing "Addicted to Music" the mixtape here in just a few weeks, I'll be staying consistent with my releases. I just want to get better and show off my hard work and dedication. To me music is something that can inspire. If I can get enough people to hear my music, my thoughts and my story, that's one additional person that I can help steer down the right path or motivate to become a better person. We all will see better days but sometimes its hard to see past the bad days. I want my music to be used for people who believe in better days to come. I want us to inspire the world together!

itsRBmusic (Interview) - Transcript

Rep - That concludes all of our fan questions itsRBmusic, thank you for staying past your designated time with us and we wish you the best of luck. Keep up the great work!

itsRBmusic - No worries and again I thank you for having me.