Dwayne Levi: A Music Star in the Making

DWAYNE LEVI  brings a new sound to the game with hit songs  Swaggy  and  Secrets .

DWAYNE LEVI has been making a name for himself introducing a new sound he calls The Levi Effect. DWAYNE LEVI continues to make solid moves with the releases of his latest singles All American and Secrets. Both songs not only showcase DWAYNE LEVI's ability to make radio friendly music, but it also shows his versatility. If you have followed DWAYNE LEVI over the years you would notice the transformation from a lyricist who would completely murder a verse, to an artist who can make a hit song for the club or for the bedroom. DWAYNE LEVI has a unique and intricate mind making his creativity a joy to watch. In the meantime you can stay up to date with exclusive mp3 downloads, the latest news and more on dwaynelevi.com