CHASE HEINZE: A Music Star on the Rise

Chase Heinze from Santa Ana California

On April 17, 1990 the world was introduced to a unique soul by the name of Chase Heinze. He was raised in a quiet household with his mother and father as well as his brother. He grew up in a small family consisting of less than 10 people in his immediate family. However his passion for music rooted from his earlier childhood as he was caught singing numerous times by fellow peers. Throughout his middle school years he was exposed to an abundance of Oldies and R&B because of his mothers taste for music. At age 9 his mother and father divorced and Chase stayed with his mother until the age of 18 when he was kicked out of his home to then start his journey of growing up to become a man.         

CHASE HEINZE  released a hot new single called  Pretty Lady .

Throughout Elementary and High School Chase's brother "Shaun" was in and out of Jail and the Penitentiary. Shaun lived a life of an average fatherless young man from the streets of Santa Ana. Though he lived a life of struggle and adversity he had a tremendous impact on Chase's life, he taught him how to be street smart as well as learning the true value of respect as well as other essential qualities a young man must have growing up as they did. That later transpired into Chase's music as all of Chase Heinze music stems from from personal experiences he can relate to or has gone through in his life.

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