BTRU Entertainment is an interim brand management company initially started by two teenage entrepreneurs in 2007; that focuses on positive energy, loyalty and innovation. Since it's official creation in 2015 BTRU Entertainment has been a go to resource for artists, models, comedians and entertainers seeking brand management and exposure. BTRU Entertainment takes pride in not only being a link between emerging creators and the music industry, but our staff are passionate, focused and some of the best in their fields making BTRU Entertainment a key resource for creators in the entertainment industry. You can contact an A&R here or contact our staff via appointment in order to get connected with us via email. You can email us with general inquiries, management questions and other serious related inquiries.


The entertainment industry involves a lot of strategic risk so live life on the edge.


One of the ways that The Home of the Underdog lives life on the edge is through our innovation. We implement innovative techniques throughout our entire business practice and we are always looking to try new things for our roster and help them think outside the box.